TellPizzaHut – The Requirements to Take Part in the Survey

Who does not like Pizza Hut? No one will refuse this pizza. As the great pizza restaurant, Pizza Hut has millions of customers all around the world. Two brothers from Wichita State University built this business in Kansas. They are Dan Carney dan Frank Carney. Then, they opened the first restaurant in Athens, Ohio in 1966. Because of its taste, Pizza Hut can attract many people. The business can expand to many countries. Pizza Hut opens its franchises worldwide. Pizza Hut spans in many countries. For instance, we can find Pizza Hut in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Brazil, etc. This restaurant is also present in Asia include China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries. Since it has many branches, Pizza Hut wants to keep its quality. So, it starts to create TellPizzaHut for its customers.

TellPizzaHut is an online survey to gauge the customers’ feedback. Through Pizza Hut Survey, the customers can share their feeling after visiting Pizza Hut. Since it runs in more than 15000 locations worldwide, Pizza Hut always wants to satisfy the customers. So, people can voice their feeling about Pizza Hut. They can express their thought about Pizza Hut menu. As we know, Pizza Hut offers various American-Italian menus. We can give our opinion after enjoying their pizza, salad, pasta, and other menus. The respondents can say whether the freshness of food and the speed of serving can satisfy them.

Besides, we can also criticize the Pizza Hut staff. TellPizzaHut also asks you about the friendliness of the staff. Overall, the pizza hut online survey asks you about your feeling after dining in Pizza Hut. So, you should not miss this survey if you have any complaint. It is because you can express your unsatisfaction feeling. Your voice will be useful for the Pizza Hut itself. The information from the survey can help the company to improve the overall service.

Moreover, you will not regret taking part in the Pizza Hut survey. It is because you will have one chance to win $1000. Pizza Hut thanks you for spending your time. So, after you finish the survey on TellpizzaHut, you can enter the daily sweepstakes. When you want to take part in the sweepstakes, you should provide your contact information. For instance, you have to input your email id and identity. If you win this sweepstake, Pizza Hut will contact you via email.

As explained at, the survey is only for Pizza Hut customers. Not all people can take part in TellPizzaHut Survey. If you want to be the respondents of this survey, you have to fulfill some requirements. Here are some of them.

  • Pizza Hut receipt.

You have to keep your receipt after visiting Pizza Hut. This receipt is important since you have to enter some information printed on your receipt. For instance, you need to enter the Pizza Hut store number, time of visit, and the receipt number. Besides, you should make sure that your receipt contains a survey invitation.

  • Internet connection.

TellPizzaHut survey is only available online. So, you should use the internet connection to reach it. Besides, you should make sure that your internet access is stable. It can minimize the trouble wen you are completing the survey.

  • Certain age to take part in the sweepstakes.

You should have been more than 18 years old to take the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes are open for the legal residents in the US including in the Columbia.


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